Easy Ways To Add Texture To Any Room!

Empty rooms, with blank walls and floors, have to be one of the most exciting times in a design process!  The possibilities are endless with how many options for furniture and fixtures you have.  One thing that can add warmth and style to your room is utilizing different types of textures.  Textures do not just have to be limited to items labeled as a textile, but you can add in natural elements throughout your spaces for more eye-catching moments!


            Brushed, hammered, antiqued and more, are all types of metal finishing you can use to add textured moments within your spaces.  Think of using different framing on mirrors, or photos in your space to add in some of these techniques.  Also, you can use the “weathered effect”, which adds a more vintage flare.  Weathered metals are commonly seen on larger items such as vases or jars.  If you are looking to add texture via metal you can try changing out your curtain rods, knobs on cabinetry or even your door handles! This could be an extra statement when greeting guests at a front entry by adding life to your door or window accents with these techniques.


            Wood is an amazing and versatile way to add texture within your home.  With all the different colors, stains, and finished on wood this could be one of the easiest methods to incorporate new, and old, in the same room.  Starting with your flooring, you can choose to go sleek and shiny, or matte and rustic, depending on which way your personal style leads you to.  Wood on furniture can also make a very large difference.  Try mixing a vibrant pop of color or print on fabrics with distressed finishes on kitchen chairs or stools.  You can even add wood throughout your home by utilizing different widths and stains on your walls.  Pallet accent walls are all the rage, which focus on repurposing different rough textures and colors.  Wooden crates are also an amazing way to easily add texture throughout your home.  Crates can be used for storage in all types of rooms and are also kid friendly. 


            Natural elements are easy to add within your spaces and can be changed with the seasons.  One of the most common natural elements you can add within your home is wicker.  Wicker can be found in not just baskets but in furniture as well.  Different shades of wicker can help set the mood to your spaces, not just indoor but outdoors as well.  Plant life can also add multiple different colors within your spaces.  Greenery comes in many different textures and can be hung not only on doors and walls, but used in vases and smaller spaces.  If you are looking for more of Midwest farmhouse flair, try adding dried cattails and prairie grasses to vases, or tie them together with burlap!  The possibilities are endless and could be right in your own backyard!



   Texture doesn’t have to be scary!  It can be fun!  Add as much, or as little, as you’d like to see in your space.  Go bold by adding large textured pieces, or stay minimal with smaller items throughout.  Show your personal style by utilizing a texture them in all your spaces, starting with the welcome at the front door!

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