How To Revamp Your Outdoor Space!

Creating a mood by how you chose to decorate your home is essential.  From different finishes, to textiles, all of these aspects add up to one beautiful creation!  Carrying your interior, to your exterior style, can give the first hints to your guests what might be happening behind the windows and doors.  Adding flair of your interior, to your outdoor spaces can be done simply and in multiple ways. 

            Use the grain!  Utilizing the grain in natural wood can play a huge role in exterior spaces.  You can add pillars onto your front entryway, and make them pop, by making them in wood!  Also pay special attention to your windows and doorway.  Try adding shutters to your windows, or a few window boxes to your lower level features!  If you are focusing on a seating area in your yard, a beautiful pergola could also be brought in.  Pair the pergola with a hanging bench, or Adirondack chairs to lounge and relax in.  The best thing about all of these is that the wood can be finished to your liking.  By distressing, staining, and choosing the finish that suits you best, you can achieve your perfect exterior finish! 


            Planting can also play a large role in how the outside of your home feels.  From hedges to planters it can all be focused around your desired look.  The key with planting however is to continue to keep it maintained, no matter what the plant is.  Tall prairie grasses, in planters, are making a huge comeback right now!  By adding in cattails to the grasses, it creates a visual effect that is very pleasing in a light breeze.  Using different regional flowers is also a nice touch.  Magnolias are, of course, very big in southern states.  However they are currently gaining ground here in the Midwest.  Seek out the help of your local arboretum for ideas of plant life that is suitable for growing in your area that can help project your person style

            Lets chat about “rocks”.  “Rocks” can be seen as a nuisance or a blessing.  “Rocks” can be used in walkways, decoration and even driveways.  Natural stone is a wonderful way to show different tones throughout your exterior.  You can use stone to help line walkways made of pavers, or even outdoor seating areas.  By using larger flat stones, you can create a patio type feel without the huge slab of concrete.  Natural stone also allows a medium that can be seen as neutral.  The neutrality can be a very great positive when adding in plant life or other exterior finishes

            By changing up a few simple exterior items, you can radiate your personal sense of style!  Don’t forget, just like the inside of your home, the exterior items can be changed up just as easily.  Keep it fresh and fun and you are sure to be the envy of your neighborhood! 



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