How To Organize and Decorate All In One!

Ladders, baskets and glass containers oh my!  Yes, not as scary as lions, tigers and bears, but the task of organizing a space while keeping a theme can be somewhat daunting.  By not only using the same types of organizational efforts in each room does it make things easier, it also can convey your style seamlessly throughout your home.  Let’s merge the woes of organizing and the fun of decoration into one effort! Here are a few favorite methods commonly used to do just that!

Ladders, ladders, ladders!  Simple, chic and, who would have thought it, functional!  First, ladders can be used throughout your home in many ways.  Let’s start with soft textiles. Lean a ladder on any flat wall or post, and you instantly have a place to hang blankets.  This also allows you to move it easily around the room. Blankets can be changed out to add different colors, however the ladder can provide a sturdy and easy storage place!  Certain ladders also are now being built with shelving attached. Try adding one of these to your bathroom! Utilize the space above your toilet by adding a wide framed ladder with shelves.  This can be the perfect place to roll hand towels and other bathroom essentials.

Baskets.  You cannot honestly say that you have zero baskets in your home!  Try adding different textured baskets, such as wicker or wire, into visible storage areas.  In a mud room or entry way area, try using baskets underneath a bench to hold shoes or other personal affects.  Wire baskets make wonderful additions to laundry areas as well. Place your detergent bottles, or other laundry items, in for easy storage.  You can also line the wire baskets with different linens to create color, or ribbon for more eye-catching details. If you are feeling adventurous. Try a DIY Basket tutorial!  Simply purchase twine and glue and wrap around a cardboard box. Shoe boxes, done in this method, work particularly well for those who need a lot of smaller storage baskets.



Glass containers are probably one of the most versatile items you could ever use.  These can be used anywhere within your home. Larger glass containers also add a clean feel in kitchen settings.  Store your baking items, such as flour and sugar, in each one and finish with a beautiful label. Moving into your bathroom, glass containers of all sizes can be used for cotton balls, q tips and other items.  Add some large containers to your living spaces by utilizing their clarity by adding decorations on the inside of each container. Spring, try wonderful flowers which can be changed all through the summer months.  For fall, try adding some acorns and beautiful fall leaves that have changed. Also, winter, add some pine cones or use water to float candles to light your space to create warmth!


Rather than dreading that “spring cleaning” or “organization day”, spruce it up by making it a new decorating day!  This also allows you to keep your home organized throughout the year and your farmhouse style consistent throughout!  

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