Spring Has Sprung!

As the days begin to get longer, it is a clear indication that spring has sprung!   Instead of just spring-cleaning, how about spring sprucing up!  Spring farmhouse décor is all about utilizing the natural light and adding nature inspired, and weathered, pieces throughout your home.  It is the best time of year to freshen up your living spaces and add new, but old, twists into your décor!

            Start by adding greenery to your life!  There are many ways to do this the possibilities are truly endless.  Beginning at your front entry, try adding a simple floral swag wreath, or a dried bundled floral arrangement hung by burlap or clean twine rope.  Utilize tall glass vases to display stemmed leaf branches for another element of texture and class.  These glass vases are incredible versatile in how, and what they can be used for, so consider them more than just a seasonal decorative piece.  Don’t forget to show your smaller, or wall spaces, love as well.  Succulents are the perfect pop of beautiful hues of green, which play well in many different settings.  They are also incredibly low maintenance and last a very long time.  You can also incorporate the little hands of the house or your girlfriends to have an arrangement party, which is a fun way to welcome spring!



            Add in texture!  Texture can come in many different ways, shapes and sizes that add excitement to areas in your home.  One word.  WICKER!   Wicker can be incorporated into your every day décor is so many ways.  Change your blanket basket for a simple wicker one instead.  Also, add some wicker chairs to your front entry to create a chic seating area to enjoy the spring weather.  You can also start to change your pillows and blankets to change up the texture in your living spaces.  Changing over from heavy woven fabrics, to linens or cotton can lighten up your spaces very quickly. 


            Spring is also the time of year when colors start to pop.  Bring the same enthusiasm inside your home by using strong accent colorations!  Color can be so fun to add throughout your home because there are so many ways to do it.  If you are new to color, and are a bit hesitant, try adding in some lighter colors and potentially some patterns on a throw pillow or two.  You can also start incorporating lighter colored flowers to a vintage pitcher, which acts as a vase.  Now, if you are very much into adding color, strive for complimentary oranges or blues, in your textiles.  Popping a gorgeous blue throw blanket, onto any neutral piece of furniture can really brighten a room.


           Adding statement pieces in areas of your home can also signify the start of spring spruce up.  When the phrase “statement piece” comes up, the immediate thought is typically to a larger item that needs a lot of space.  The wonderful thing about farmhouse life is that is the exact opposite.  Rather than just using clear mason jars, try adding in some tinted glass wear!  Also, signage using reclaimed wood is always a chic way to add some spring in your home.  Whitewash the wood to obtain a weathered look and add to any backdrop!  Lanterns always give a sense of warmth and light in your space.  Whether or not you may actually be using them with candles, or a light source, lanterns can add a focal point to any area.



            They always say one person’s trash is another’s treasure.  Utilize farmers markets, swap meets, or other peoples spring-cleaning to gather items for your home that can help you start to transition your winter farmhouse, to a spring sanctuary!


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