About Us


Thank you for visiting Vintage Soul Home Decor!  I’m excited to share you my style of home decor all in one convenient online shopping experience. 

It all started with me purchasing two ugly houses that needed a lot love and work. After I completed all the cosmetic repairs of both houses I quickly realized that they needed something more. No matter the size or the value of your home if it isn’t decorated well that in itself can make or break it. With just a few key pieces you can completely transform your living environment. One of the greatest compliments I have received is when someone says, “Your house is so cute…your style says a lot about you.”

I have always had a love for old stuff, old houses, and antiques…or what some people may call “junk”.  I have a passion to take that so called junk and turn it in to something wonderful. Knowing the history behind each item fascinated me and the hunt for finding them kept me coming back for more.  Antiques can be expensive and time consuming to find the “exact" item you are looking for. That’s why I created Vintage Soul. I wanted to have a place to blend all of the styles and items I love making it easier for you to style your home.

My online store is based out of Wisconsin. I love to support local small businesses by buying local whenever I can! My goal is to provide you with the most unique and high quality home decor and furniture to help you create a fresh and cozy home environment that is affordable on your budget. My collection of both handmade and manufactured items brings you a wide variety of vintage pieces to transform your house into a home.